Born Mudgee N.S.W.  First started on radio with K.R.R.98.7 at Kandos NSW. Each Tuesday 6pm – 10pm from a classroom at Kandos High School, then a tin garden shed and finally an old cottage in town. After a lot of work it was turned into a very good working studio. At the same time, I had a two-hour slot with Apple radio in Orange N.S.W.

In 1998 my wife and I moved to New Zealand to visit our son and grandchildren where I started in the country on Fresh FM 12 – 2pm. When the big earthquakes began in 2009, we sold up and returned to Australia. I began again with K.R.R. 98.7. Then in 2012 moved to Bundaberg and now settled in at 96.3fm Bundaberg. God willing and health being well this should be our last big move! Phoenix 96.3fm feels very lucky to have Bill and his years of expertise in our community radio and of course his specialty, country music. Yes! Bill does use an actual record player live during his program; nothing like the real thing.