Whilst on an Army excercise " Kangaroo 81 " at the end we were given a few days leave and I stayed with an Army mate and his parents at Sharon. As soon as I saw Bundaberg town I just thought how good is this place and said when I retire its here I'll be. As things happen I was working with a couple from Bundaberg in Brisbane during 2002 and assisted them by driving a van loaded with their belongs back to Bundaberg, again the thought how good is this area came back to me. In 2003 the opportunity arose to work within the area and in 2003 I purchased my place at Pine Creek. Its been a great place to live and I just love being here. Its been a kind town to me in many ways. when the opportunity to join 96.3fm was offered to me I had no hesitation in becoming a presenter. I started off 3 nights a week from 6-9pm and enjoyed that immensely, it was also a good way to pay back the community for all their goodness to me.  When one of our presenters needed a break due to a family illness I moved into the breakfast time slot and that became a permanent thing just several weeks later. I try to give a very broad range of music simply because apart from my own enjoyment I try to bring music that isn't often played elsewhere. It is an absolute privilege and honour to be part of the 96.3 fm team and the entire team and I thank our listeners and sponsors for their on going support.    

                               " The Music You Remember, We Play "