Volunteers Needed

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Listener Club Team Leader

We need a volunteer to run our listeners club. You will need to be able to grow our listener base through the club and bring benefits to our listeners via competions and benefits perhaps you have marketing or public relations experience. One thing for certain is you will need to be able to think for yourself although our other teams will help,  you need to drive this fully and hard.


On Air Presenters and Podcasters

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Presenting programs on air is very rewarding for both the presenter and the community. We need presenters from most age groups over 18. A high interest in the potential programs to be presented is a must, the station primarily but not limited to broadcasts music from 50's through to latest releases with a wide range of genres including, Rock and Roll, Blues. Jazz, Rockabilly, Crooners etc; we also would like to increase our current affairs, multi cultural and encourage local music talent with program specific opportunities.


Breakfast Presenter / Producer


Be part of Bundaberg's Community Radio and become a breakfast presenter / producer. Create unique and distinctive content that connects communities, real places and real life.

We are looking for a unique and highly motivated person that can develop contacts and produce an exceptional program content. A contemporary manner with an understanding of regional communities and listener audiences, work with and under the direction of the station manager to present and produce the Breakfast program, create compelling broadcasts that engage local audiences, actively engage in the local community, break stories and seek out original content. These are 3 hour programs from 5 or 6am weekdays, days to be discussed.